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How we doubled Alan Frei’s Newsletter Subscribers in just 3 months.

Last updated:
May 23, 2024
Alan Frei
LinkedIn impressions (3 months)
newsletter growth
LinkedIn Followers (from 5k)
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Key Takeaways

Their challenge:

After selling his company 6 months earlier, Alan Frei wanted to build a new personal brand around his interests. He was inspired by successful creators, like MrBeast, who leveraged their audience to launch businesses.

But Alan’s positioning was unclear. He didn’t have a strategy, so his content lacked a consistent narrative.

Our approach

  1. Create a Foundation:
    • Conducted interviews and workshops to understand his passions and the audience he wanted to reach
    • Defined "Lifehacker" as his primary niche & optimized his LinkedIn profile accordingly
  2. Content Engine:
    • Held biweekly calls to brainstorm posts on Lifehacking, Building in public, and more
    • Posted 2x/week (resulting in viral engagement since Sept. 2023)


Using our approach, Alan grew his LinkedIn following from 5k to over 11k. He also doubled his newsletter subscribers, significantly enhancing his connection with his target audience.

What Alan Frei says about us

No one ever suggested I build a ‘strategy’ for LinkedIn until I started working with notus. Not only did they boost my engagement and double my newsletter subscribers - they helped clarify the vision for my entire company.

Their Challenge

  • He wanted to build a new company grounded in 3 core pillars: Content, Community, and Product
  • His positioning was unclear because his content strategy lacked a consistent thread.

Our Approach

Understanding Client and Audience

  • Conducted Deep Dive Interview and Strategy Workshops to grasp client's identity, passions, and target audience.
  • Explored client's story, passions, and current ventures, like driving for UberEats and trying to qualify for the Winter Olympics.

Foundational Framework

  • Identified "Lifehacker" as Alan’s central content category, aligning with client's expertise and interests.
  • Developed a Media Strategy focused on Attention, Retention, and Monetization.
  • Created a Content Archetype tailored to client's narrative and optimized LinkedIn profile to drive newsletter sign-ups.

Content Generation

  • Established a biweekly Content Call to brainstorm and capture client's authentic ToV and insights.
  • Topics included Lifehacking/Optimization, Building in Public (Alan Frei Company), Olympic Curling, and other engaging updates.
  • Posting content twice a week which led to immediate viral engagement with the first post in September 2023

Before and After:


  • Limited & scattered online presence
  • Unclear brand positioning
  • Minimal traction on LinkedIn with stagnant follower growth


  • 12 LinkedIn posts each month
  • Frequent investor & customer requests via LinkedIn
  • Millions of impressions and page views