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How to build a brand-new demand gen engine on LinkedIn

Last updated:
May 23, 2024
Mika Leicht
demand gen pipeline
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Key Takeaways

Their challenge:

Instaffo had no creative pipeline, no demand gen or inbound sales strategy, and no ad campaign on LinkedIn. As a result, their sales were way down.

Our approach

  • One 60-minute content call/week
  • Created visually engaging brand-aligned ads
  • Distributed ad content on LinkedIn via cold, 90D and 30D retargeting layers
  • Created lead gen forms to smooth sales pipeline


Instaffo now has a well-developed creative pipeline with constant iterative testing. Through our collaboration, their demand gen pipeline increased by 35%, with an MQL to SQL conversion rate of 70%.

What they say about us

We love working with notus on our LinkedIn marketing and the results speak for themselves. I'm convinced by notus' tireless commitment, working together as equals and the deep understanding of our business model."

Their Challenge

Before working with our agency, Instaffo was struggling to get its demand gen strategy off the ground. As a consequence, they couldn’t scale their pipeline, severely constraining their growth.

Our Approach


We then developed visually engaging ad creatives that aligned with Instaffos' brand and messaging to ensure they left a long-lasting impression on the target audience. Using this process, we were able to develop a demand gen strategy, increase the pipeline by 35% and make lead generation more scalable. It also saved Instaffo and its marketing manager Mika Leicht tons of time.

Content Engine

We conducted weekly 60-minute content calls with the Instaffo team, focusing on thought-provoking questions to identify catchy ads for their target audience. We then crafted visually engaging ad creatives that aligned with Instaffo’s brand and messaging. Through this process, we developed multilayered ad campaigns that decreased the cost per lead and increased the conversion rate. We also used lead generation forms to make it easy for potential customers to get in touch with Instaffo.


We distributed the ad content via LinkedIn ads using cold, 90D and 30D retargeting layers. This helped to reach the right audience and efficiently converted inbound Demo Bookings. The result - more qualified leads.

Before and After:


No idea competition. No submissions. No new startup.


350+ competition entrants. 1 new startup. X waitlist signups and counting.