About us

A Creator-First Company

We love content. It’s our bread and butter. We grew up with it. We’ve seen it evolve, and we know just how important it is to growing a successful business. Creating and building authentic brands for the world’s most impactful founders and executives is icing on the cake. Hopefully, we’ll be telling your story next.

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Meet Our Team

Get to know the people behind notus.

Marvin Sanginés

CEO and Founder

Selim Burcu

Head of Partnerships & Partner

Luca Wetzel

Head of Fulfillment

Marlis Zeiss

Head of People

Eva Basler


Hannah Schuler

Chief of Staff and Content Strategist

Maximilian Radman

Content Strategist

Cassandra Adami

Content Strategist

Elena Kirillidis

Content Strategist

Max Rolshoven

Creative Strategist

Maryam Elarbi

Content Strategist

Theo Peck-Suzuki

Content Strategist

Carele Nzali

Partnerships Manager

Jakov Marsic

Content Strategist

Henry Won

Junior Content Strategist

Uma Damodaran

Junior Content Strategist

Niels Klement

Growth & Paid Media Advisor

Calvin Hamilton

Content Advisor

Christopher Thomas Jacklin

Growth Advisor

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Our Core Values

These are the values that keep us aligned:

Value 01 - Humility

Cut the ego, no one knows it all. Self-awareness and an open mind lead to personal growth.

Value 02 - Curiosity

Curious minds believe that everyone has a story worth telling. There's always something to learn.

Value 03 - A-Players

We set the bar high. We’re a SWAT team that aims to be the best at what we do. We are proactive, hungry to learn, and love taking ownership.

Value 04 - Transparency

We address the elephant in the room. We rely on open and real conversations.

Value 05 - Positive sum games

No selfishness. We know that when we lift others, we lift ourselves. The pie only gets bigger as we grow.

Value 06 - Content Living

We value a good life & good content. And we believe that better content leads to better lives. Which is why we are both avid content consumers & creators.

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Join our team

Become part of our core-team.

We're building an ecosystem of cool people, doing cool sh**.
Here are 4 reasons why we're able to attract such people.

100% Remote Work

Work from anywhere in the world. But don't forget to join us for our quarterly offsites.

Comprehensive training

Get access to all our resources & courses + 1on1 coaching with a senior content strategist.

Incredible clients & partners

You'll work directly with some of the most impactful people on the planet.

Build your own brand

Whether you stay at notus or not, we’ll help you build your own personal brand that will benefit you throughout your entire life.