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From 0 LinkedIn presence to Top LinkedIn Influencer DACH 2021

Last updated:
May 23, 2024
Hubert Rhomberg
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Key Takeaways

Their challenge:

Hubert and his team were making astonishing strides in sustainable, climate-friendly construction, but their work was drawing a tepid response on LinkedIn. They knew there was huge untapped potential to expand their audience but needed a strategy to make that happen.

Our approach

  • Conducted workshops with Hubert and his team to define his strategic positioning
  • Revamped Hubert’s LinkedIn profile to clarify his personal brand and convert followers
  • Accommodate his busy schedule and ensure consistent posting


Since Hubert started working with us in 2020, he’s gained 14,000 LinkedIn followers and generated over 2 million organic impressions on his posts. In 2021 he was named a Top LinkedIn Influencer DACH.

What Hubert Rhomberg says about us

Their expertise in personal branding and their seamless content production process has saved me a ton of time and turned my LinkedIn profile into a traction-generation machine for me and CREE Buildings.

Their Challenge

Hubert and his team have reimagined sustainable, climate-friendly construction, but they didn’t have time to create content for LinkedIn. That translated to inconsistent posting, poor optimization, and missed chances to expand their reach.

Our Approach


We started by interviewing Hubert and his core team about their founding story and future vision. That information became a Content Archetype — the building blocks for each team member’s personal brand. Using this strategy, we revamp everyone’s LinkedIn Profile and prepare our first rounds of posts.

Content Engine

Once a month, we have a 60 minute conversation with Hubert, during which we ask him about what’s been going on in his personal life and with his businesses. Our Content Archetype guides our questioning, but we leave plenty of room for organic updates from Hubert’s side, as well. Each call produces 3-5 posts per week — enough to tide us over until our next call.


We publish 3-5 posts per week on LinkedIn.

Before and After:


  • Great insights, but no time to share them
  • No best practices and declining reach
  • Inconsistent content output and lack of strategy


  • 12 LinkedIn posts each month
  • Frequent investor & customer requests via LinkedIn
  • Millions of impressions and page views