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How notus turned Omar Bumann’s LinkedIn profile into his most successful hiring tool

Last updated:
May 23, 2024
Omar Bumann
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Key Takeaways

Their challenge:

2 years ago, Omar saw the LinkedIn’s potential as a tool for employer branding and attracting top talent. But he had no LinkedIn presence and didn’t know where to start.

Our approach:

  • Conducted an Unlock Content Workshop
  • Revamped his LinkedIn Profile Setup
  • Created a strategic content idea plan
  • Quarterly Strategy Reviews and adaptations


Turned Omar’s LinkedIn profile into the #1 recruiting channel for Swisscom Business Applications.


Being recognized as one of the Swiss premier examples of Business Content creation.

What Omar Bumann says about us

I came to notus with a clear goal: Attract talent through social media.
Within a few months my expectations were exceeded and afterward notus turned my personal Brand into a Swiss-Army-Knife for Business Growth.

Their challenge:

Omar’s initial challenge was that he didn’t know how to start building his LinkedIn presence. He lacked content ideas and a strategy that resonated with his target audience.

How we approached this

The first step of notus, was to host an Unlock Workshop to dive deep into Omar’s backstory, current goals, and future vision. We used this information to map out a detailed content strategy and define his target audience. After that, we completely overhauled his LinkedIn profile structure to make sure it was geared up for interaction and visibility.


  • Follower count at 1,205
  • Posts shared 2
  • Impressions per month maxed at 1,213


  • Follower count increased to 3,346
  • Posts shared 104
  • Monthly impressions averaged 44,682